When Marianne and Matt Gee discovered bees in the walls of their home in Dunrobin, outside of Ottawa they didn’t panic, they gathered the bees up and created their first beehive. Now, they founded Gees Bees Honey Co., and are working to conserve and help others care for beehives.

Photo by Carla Diane Whiteside, a photo contest submission.

Their main area of business is their “Host-a-Hive”, where customers host a beehive which the Gee’s care for, leaving the customers the honey. This method they say best simulates how bees would live naturally because their customers are spread out around the city.

“Instead of one farmer with 1,000 beehives, we’d like to see 1,000 people with 1 beehive,” said Matt Gee.

Gees Bees are buzzing for the future. They want to expand their “Host-a-Hive” program, work with local farmers to introduce an on-the-farm program, and nurture their 25-acre property, which they have dubbed their “pollinator sanctuary.”

Read the Q + A with Gees Bees Honey Co. founders Marianne and Matt Gee and what they’re doing for local beehives in Ottawa.

Feature image by Cindy Collin, a photo contest submission.

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